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Date:  Sep 23, 2022

Charleroi, PA, US, 15022-3493

Req ID:  25346
Onsite or Remote:  Onsite Position

Komatsu is an indispensable partner to the construction, mining, forestry, forklift, and industrial machinery markets, maximizing value for customers through innovative solutions. With a diverse line of products supported by our advanced IoT technologies, regional distribution channels, and a global service network, we tap into the power of data and technology to enhance safety and productivity while optimizing performance. Komatsu supports a myriad of markets, including housing, infrastructure, water, pipeline, minerals, automobile, aerospace, electronics and medical, through its many brands and subsidiaries, including TimberPro, Joy, P&H, Montabert, Modular Mining Systems, Hensley Industries, NTC, and Gigaphoton.

Job Overview

Warehousers work in various positions within the warehouse which is located in Charleroi, off the Bentleyville exit of Route 70. Warehouse workers will receive UPS packages, unload trucks, route to various locations, pick and pack items for delivery. They may also be responsible for crating parts, loading trucks, using forklifts & cranes and cleaning work areas.

Key Job Responsibilities

Komatsu Mining operates its global warehouse in Bentleyville, PA. Parts that are manufactured, repaired, or rebuilt by Komatsu Mining Inc. are shipped into and out of the warehouse. The large warehouse has five primary work areas where the warehouse workers will complete their job duties:

1.  Pool holding area:  Trucks are unloaded manually or with the use of forklifts.  Any package over 50 pounds is broken down into smaller portions or lifted by two warehousers.  There are overhead cranes for use while lifting larger items.  Items are processed and either sent back out as part of the order or placed on storage shelves.

2.  Small Aisles: These shelves (16 feet high) contain items up to a maximum of 30 pounds.  The warehouser stands in a Hyster picker (which is a high lift).  Hand controls at waist level and a flat button type foot accelerator operate the picker.  The picker raises the worker to any shelf height and the worker then reaches into the bins to obtain a part.

3.  Pallet Rack Aisles:  These shelves (up to 22 feet high) contain heavier items that are on pallets.  The warehouser uses a forklift to move all of these pallets to ground level.  If a part on a pallet weighs more than 50 pounds, the worker is to use the forklift or transport the pallet to a crane and use the crane to remove the items from the pallet to the area for packing.  Large, heavy items are transported via forklift to the packing area.  Smaller items are placed in plastic totes and put on a conveyor belt at waist height.  The conveyor belt transports the items to the packing area.

4.  Packing area:  All orders to be shipped out are transported to this area for packaging.  The work area is at waist height.  Wooden crates are built to ship orders.  An electric radial saw, nail gun, skids, cardboard boxes, wooden boxes, smaller parts and cranes are used at this work station.

5. Carousel/Hanel Rotomart:  This storage apparatus contains all parts under 30 pounds in storage drawers.  The work counter is 36 inches off of the floor.  The drawers are automatically turned and the warehouse is always working at counter level 36 inches from the floor.

6.  Racking Repair:  Works in teams of a minimum of two warehousers to replace damaged racking using a wrench and hammer.


General Educational Development Levels :  High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED) as well as the following:

Math:          Ability to do four basic mathematical operations

Language: Ability to read, write and speak in compound sentences in English

A qualified candidate must be capable of successfully completing on-the-job training. Warehousers are expected to follow all safety policies for the GDC and wear the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment (hard hat/bump cap, steel toed shoes, safety glasses and cut resistant gloves).

Work required: Medium work – maximum of fifty pound lifts with frequent lift/carry of up to twenty-five pounds, frequently walks and stands.

Work Schedule:

5 day week – Three ‘standard’ shifts and six ‘non-standard’ shifts (which require weekend work as part of a regular 40 hour work week). The ten minute break and twenty minute lunch are paid breaks.

Additional Information

Komatsu is an Equal Opportunity Workplace and an Affirmative Action Employer. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, disability, or protected veteran status.

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